Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If the question you have is not answered by one of the listed questions below, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get you an answer.


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  • After receiving my tickets, do I need to do anything else with them? +

    Other than bringing them to the event with you, no. All presold tickets are placed into the barrels as they are sold. It is advised that you hold on to your tickets for at least a month after the event in case you won something and did not realize it. We will contact unclaimed prize winners after the event. 

  • Are adult beverages sold at the event or can I bring my own? +

    We do not sell any adult beverages but you are allowed to bring you own as long as it is in a plastic bottle or can.  No glass is permitted.  Must be over 21 to consume alcohol.  

  • Are generators permitted? +

    Yes generators are permitted and allowed to run throughout the night as long as they are quiet.

  • Are the grounds accessible? +

    Reasonable accommodations to the event have been made to ensure our guests with accessibility needs can enjoy the event. If there is a specific need that you may have or an accommodation you would like to request, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by July 24, 2015.

  • Are there quiet hours? +

    Quiet hours are from 11pm to 8am.  We ask that you respect your neighbors.  

  • Are there showers available? +

    Yes showers will be available for $5 per shower starting Wednesday and running through Saturday night. You will need to provide your own supplies. 

  • Can I bring a golf cart or 4 wheeler? +

    For the safety of our guests and staff, no golf carts or 4 wheelers are permitted on the grounds.  Medical assisted scooters may be used during the event. 

  • Can I bring a pop-up canopy and when can I set it up? +

    Yes we do have designated areas for pop-up tents and they can be set up on Friday when the gates open and left up until Saturday night.  The Deerassic Classic is not responsible for any damages or stolen pop-ups or other items left overnight.

  • Can I bring any glass? +

    No glass of any kind is permitted.  All glass will be confiscated at the entrance.

  • Can I bring any glass? +

    No glass of any kind is permitted.  All glass will be confiscated at the entrance.

  • Can I bring my child if they are only 6 months old? +

    No, we do not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old on the grounds during the week of the Classic.  No exceptions.

  • Can I bring my dog / pet to the Classic? +

    No, dogs and other pets are not permitted in the event area unless is it a certified assistance dog.

  • Can I fish or swim in the pond? +

    No fishing or swimming is permitted.  Fishing is strictly for youth during our events and programs.

  • Can I have a fire? +

    Yes you can but it must be contained in fire ring and cleaned up when you leave.  The fields that you are camping in are used for youth activities throughout the year.  Also no wood with nails is permitted (skids, etc.).

  • Can I reserve a campsite now? +

    No, all campsites are first come, first serve.  You must be present to reserve a space starting Saturday August 1st at 8am.

  • Can I save a campsite next to me for a friend? +

    Yes you can save a space but you will have to pay for it when you would like to save it.

  • Can my number win more than once? +

    Yes, your Classic and Big Buck Bonus ticket may win more than once.  These are drawn lottery style with ping pong balls.

  • Do gate passes include a food band? +

    No, food bands are for Saturday  only and you must be a Classic Ticket Holder to receive these food bands.

  • Do I have to be there to win? +

    No, you do not have to be here to win any of the prizes on any of the Pre-Sold tickets – this includes the Classic, Big Buck Bonus, Loot & Shoot, Cold Hard Cash, and Locked & Loaded Tickets. The only prize you have to be present for is the 50/50 each night and those tickets are only sold the day of the event.

  • Do I have to pay taxes on prizes? +

    Prize winners are responsible for all applicable taxes.  Any prize over $600 the winner will receive a W2G and all prizes over $5,000 must pay a 25% Federal Gambling Withholding Tax.  There is no sales tax on the prizes unless you win a gun and receive a gift card.

  • Do I need to bring a chair or is their seating provided? +

    We do have about 2,500 seats that we provide, but we do recommend bringing your own chair.

  • Do I need to bring my ticket to the event? +

    Yes. Your ticket is your admission to the event as well as the only way to claim a prize. 

  • Do I receive $25 of Deerassic Bucks if I mark off my campsite on Saturday or Sunday and not set up my camper? +

    No, you must set up a camper or tent to receive your $25 worth of Deerassic Bucks on Saturday August 1st or Sunday August 2nd.  You may still mark off your space and bring your camper later in the week however you will not receive the $25 worth of Deerassic Bucks.  We are trying to help reduce the amount of camping traffic on Thursday and Friday.  Please bring you campers in early this year and help us control the traffic.

  • Do you have ATM’s? +

    Yes we have multiple ATMs located throughout the event.

  • Do you have full hook-ups? +

    There are limited full hook-ups please call 740-435-3335.  The cost of these hook-ups are $375.

  • Do you have security in the campground? +

    Yes security will be in the campground throughout the week.

  • Do you sell food at the campground? +

    Yes, food will be available for purchase from Wednesday through Sunday morning.

  • Do you sell food at the event? +

    Yes we do sell food all day Friday and Saturday.

  • Do you sell wood/ice during the event? +

    Yes, wood and ice can both be purchased in the campground starting Wednesday. Ice will be sold in the event area during the event. 

  • Does admission to the Classic include the Concerts? +

    Yes, the concerts are no extra charge and are free to all attendees.

  • Does my ticket include admission? +

    Your Classic Ticket ($100) includes admission for one on Saturday and your Big Buck Bonus Ticket ($50) includes admission for one on Friday.  The Loot & Shoot, Cold Hard Cash, and Locked & Loaded Tickets do not include admission for anyone.  You may purchase a gate pass early or at the event, however we only sell 2,500 gate passes each day so we recommend buying them early.

  • How do I know my ticket was entered into the drawings if I purchased from a ticket agent? +

    All tickets are picked up frequently from ticket agents and entered into our database.  All tickets are accounted for and stubs are dropped into ticket barrels.

  • How many people are allowed at a campsite? +

    We do not have a certain number of people per site, but we suggest no more than 4.

  • How many vehicles are allowed at my campsite? +

    You may have 1 vehicle per campsite, all other vehicles can park in the general parking area.  If you would like to purchase another campsite for $100 you will be permitted to park 2 vehicles at that site.

  • How much is parking? +

    Parking is free to all of our attendees.

  • How much to set up a tent or is it the same price as a camper? +

    Yes all campsites are the same space no matter if you set up a camper or tent.

  • What happens if my ticket is lost or stolen? +

    In the event that your ticket is lost or stolen, please contact the office at (740)435-3335

  • When can I collect my prize? +

    Many prizes can be collected at the prize station during the event. For winners not attending the event, or for vehicle and large prize winners you can schedule an appointment with the office after the event by calling (740) 435-3335.

  • When do I need to show my ID? +

    At the front gate to verify age and whenever claiming a prize. 

  • When is the earliest that I can set up my campsite or tent? +

    Camping opens at 8am on Saturday August 1st

  • Where does all the money that is raised go? +

    All money raised at the Deerassic Classic goes directly to fund and run the Deerassic Park Education Center  and their youth programs and events.

  • Why did you change camping this year to $100 a campsite instead of $15 a night? +

    We have changed the camping this year after talking to numerous campers last year.  Majority of them would like to purchase campsites early and we are trying to eliminate campers who do not attend the Classic and only show up to camp for the weekend.  Please help us spread the word to fellow campers that they can purchase their campsite early this year for $100.

  • Will I receive a separate ticket for the Early Bird? +

    No, your Classic and Big Buck Bonus combo number will be your number for the Early Bird drawings.

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