Exhibitors FAQ

Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If the question you have is not answered by one of the listed questions below, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to get you an answer.

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The exhibitor tent is a large tent that is set up with space available for exhibitors to purchase a 10×10 or 10×20 spaces inside. Exhibitor row spaces are sold in 20×20 or 20×40 spaces that no tents are provided but can be rented.

10×10 in the Exhibitor tent will receive 2 VIP Passes and 2 Worker Passes

10×20 in the Exhibitor tent will receive 4 VIP Passes and 4 Worker Passes

20×20 in an Exhibitor row will receive 2 VIP Passes and 2 Worker Passes

20×40 in an Exhibitor row will receive 4 VIP Passes and 4 Worker Passes

All Bulk Space Exhibitors will receive 6 VIP Passes and 6 Worker Passes

The VIP Passes will allow an individual to access the Exhibitor Lounge by the Main Food Pavilion and the VIP area next to the main stage.  There will be food and drinks provided all day even throughout the concerts in the evening at the VIP area.  People with a Worker Pass can access only access the Exhibitor Lounge by the Main Food Pavilion and can get food and drinks until 8 pm each night.

Yes, Worker Passes are $35 and VIP Passes are available for $50 per pass.

No, however tables are available to rent for $10.  Please pay in advance.

Yes, all sizes of tents are available to rent and will be set up when you arrive.  Sides are also available to rent for $.50 a foot.

Yes, camping is available with your booth space but limited to 30 campers so reserve your spot as soon as possible.  There will be electric available.  All campers must be moved in by Thursday at 9pm and cannot be removed until Sunday morning.

Yes there will be a shower trailer located behind the VIP Pavilion that will be available to exhibitors only.

Security will begin on Wednesday evening and go throughout Sunday morning of tear down.

We have been advised by our insurance company to not allow pet in the exhibitor area.

Your trailer can be parked all weekend in the Exhibitor Parking area for no charge.

Yes if you are in an exhibitor row space and the trailer is placed before 11am on Friday and cannot be moved until after the show on Saturday.  As a warning, your trailer might be blocked in until your neighbors are done tearing down.

Tear down is Saturday at 8pm, however the concert does not end until approximately 11:30 so we recommend waiting until the concert is over or waiting until Sunday morning.

You will turn your Deerassic Bucks in at the Money Room next to Deer Mart by the large prize board on Saturday night from 8pm – 10pm.  Fill out all appropriate paperwork and then Deerassic will mail out your check the following week.

All money raised at the Deerassic Classic go to the Deerassic Park Education Center to provide programs and events for youth and their families.