2020 Deerassic Classic Exhibitor Information


First off, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy during this crazy time in our Country.  The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on everyone including us here at Deerassic Park.  After speaking with numerous health officials, governmental officials, sponsors, and some exhibitors, we have decided that there is no way that we can guarantee that the 2020 Deerassic Classic can go on as usual.  We have decided to turn the 2020 Deerassic Classic Giveaway into a Virtual event.  The Virtual Classic is defiantly not something we want to do however with the uncertainty of the next few months, we cannot wait any longer with our decision.


There will be 2 options for all exhibitors who have already paid this year for their booth space.


1. We can use your money as payment for the 2021 Deerassic Classic on August 6th and 7th, 2021. 


2. We can reimburse you for the amount that you have paid.


Each exhibitor that has sent in a payment MUST email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know what option they want.  If you choose option #2 and want the money paid back, please in that email let me know the name on the check and the address to send the check to.

This year will be the hardest year for us with us not holding the traditional Deerassic Classic, but we are very hopeful that we can continue the Education Foundation and hold future Deerassic Classic.  If you would like to help us out, we ask that you purchase raffle tickets that we still have available.  We have just added more side raffles and those tickets are available on our website as well.  As long as our supporters continue to support us during these times, we know the Deerassic Classic will be back and bigger than ever next year.