2024 Deerassic Classic Giveaway
August 2nd & 3rd

2024/08/02 13:00:00


2023 Deerassic Classic

Find out information about ticket options and prizes!



Information regarding becoming a Deerassic Exhibitor

  • 2023 Deerassic Park’s Winter Giveaway tickets go on sale September 1st, 2023. For more information about the Winter Giveaway or to purchase tickets please CLICK HERE.

2023 Deerassic Classic Giveaway Winning Numbers

Please check our Deerassic Classic Facebook page for more updates of winning numbers throughout the Deerassic Classic Weekend.

2023 Pre-Event 50/50 (Total $423,200 – Winner $211,600)Pink Pre-Event 50/50 #17066

2023 All Winning Numbers for Gold Combo (Classic, Big Buck, Side Raffle Combo) – CLICK HERE 

2023 Classic Winners – Saturday Main Ticket (Orange Classic Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Big Buck Bonus Winners (Orange Big Buck Bonus Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Cold Hard Cash Winners (Green Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Loot & Shoot Winners (Yellow Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Locked & Loaded Winners (Blue Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Mystery Vehicle Safe Raffle Winners (Gray Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Special Event Side Raffle Winners (Variety Individual Tickets) – CLICK HERE

2023 Side Gun Series Winners (Series Tickets) – CLICK HERE

2023 High Roller Early Bird Winners (Orange Classic Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Gold Combo Early Bird Winners (Orange Classic Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Early Bird Winners in Numerical Order (Orange Classic Ticket) – CLICK HERE

2023 Camper’s Raffle (Pink Camping Pass) – CLICK HERE

2023 Agent Raffle – CLICK HERE

** All prize winners will need to send the following items in order to claim their prize:

  1. A copy of the winning ticket (for Early Bird winners please use Classic ticket)
  2. Photo ID (Driver’s License is fine)
  3. A completed Deerassic Classic Giveaway Prize Claim Form. Please – CLICK HERE 
  4. A completed w-9 form if required (CLICK HERE to print off form). Please see the winning numbers list to see if a W9 form is required.


Please email these items to prizes@deerassic.com or fax to 740-435-3338 or mail it to:

         Atten: Prize Disbursement

         Deerassic Classic

         14250 Cadiz Rd

         Cambridge, OH 43725


Prize Claim Process

  • Deerassic Park Prize Claim will be open the following days
    • Monday – Friday from 9am-3pm
  • If your prize requires you to pick up the prize, please make the appointment by contacting prizes@deerassic.com
  • If you have won a gun, you will be receiving a certificate, or a gift card and those prizes can be processed through the mail (you do not need to come here)
  • All cash prizes will be checks that will be mailed out (if you come during Prize Claim hours you will not receive any cash and your check will be mailed in a few days)
  • We know prize winners are excited (and we are excited for you) but the best way to contact us about your prizes is by emailing prizes@deerassic.com.  We will get back with you but with so many prizes, we need patience.
  • For questions please email prizes@deerassic.com and we will get back with you.
  • All prizes must be claimed within 30 days of the 2023 Deerassic Classic Giveaway.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased tickets in the past and have helped make the Deerassic Park Education Center possible.